Description of Event

  • 3-day camping, music, and BBQ festival
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 26, 2017
  • 3-day tickets starting at $85
  •  Attendance approximately 3,000

Festival Information and Requirements

Booth Spaces

We are accepting applications for the following types of vendors:

  • Booths: a 10 x 10 space will be provided. Multiple spaces may be available.
  • Mobile unit spaces: self-contained vehicles or trailers that provide their own power and water systems.
  • The Vending area is located off of chair 3 up the easy street ski run. Vendor fee will be $50 for the entire weekend. Vendors are permitted two passes for the festival per booth.

Food and Beverage Items

In addition to traditional festival fare, we would like to have a diverse array of interesting food items available, all at reasonable prices. Please consider your pricing carefully and try to keep your prices to under $12 for any single item as well as including some lower-priced items.

Vendor Contribution to Festival Sustainability

We are very committed to reducing the amount of trash that is sent to the landfill. As part of our commitment to the environment, we encourage vendors to limit waste as much as possible and to buy products locally and organically where possible.

Festival Dates and Vending Hours

All vendors must arrive on site on Thursday afternoon May 25, 2017, or Friday Morning May 26, 2017, before 11:00 am. Vendors will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Because of the extensive schedule of music and activities, vendors could be expected to be open for 14– 20 hours Friday through early Monday morning.

All vendors must pay the vending fee prior to establishing sites.

Required Paperwork & Terms of Participation

All vendors must supply proof of insurance coverage including:

  • Certificate of liability insurance.
  • All vendors are responsible for paying any application state or local sales tax Accepted vendors must obtain the following permits:
    • Business License
    • Health Department Permit (if serving consumable items)
  • All vendors must adhere to festival trash, recycling and composting policies.

How to Apply

Please contact Justin Huffmon directly at All vendors must be signed up for the festival no later than May 19, 2017. Our primary method of sending out information is via e-mail.

Any questions you may have please reach out to Justin Huffmon.

  • The Wind Rider Mountain Festival reserves the right to refuse any vendor application, should this occur the fee will be refunded. The Vendor shall defend, save and hold harmless Ski Apache, their respective officers, agents, board members, staff, volunteers, sponsors and assigns from any claims, damages, losses, liability or expense which may arise, and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather, acts of God, vandalism or any other loss or injury whatsoever or not specifically described herein, whether past, present or future. Booths are not insured by Ski Apache, Wind Rider Mountain Festival or any sponsoring agents. Exhibitors must make provisions for safeguarding their goods. Exhibitor must have replacement cost insurance for all personal property. Exhibitor assumes full liability for protecting, care and maintenance of exhibitor’s property. ANY VENDOR NOT HOLDING VALID LIABILITY INSURANCE EXHIBITS AT THEIR OWN RISK AND ASSUMES ALL LIABILITY.
  • Please sign to acknowledge that you have read all of the information, rules and regulations and agree to be bound by this contract.
  • Please sign to acknowledge that you have read all of the information, rules and regulations and agree to be bound by this contract.